10 Awesome Toy Robots to Get Your Kids for Christmas

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10 Awesome Toy Robots to Get Your Kids for Christmas

If you’re going to get your kid a toy robot for Christmas, it better be one of these 10.

WooWee – MiP the Toy Robot

This WooWee toy robot is currently on a terrific sale, costing just $62.99 instead of $99.99. It responds to gestures like swipes and claps, connects to smart devices and also has sound detection, reacting to noises in its environment.

Thinkgizoms Remote Control Robot

This robot’s most fun feature is the ability to launch mini frisbees from its cheat, along with some hilarious dance moves. You can get the Thinkgizmos remote control robot for just $34.99 at the moment.


One of the more advanced robotic toys you’ll manage to find, Cozmo continues to upgrade with new software, games and activities, all available through the iOs or Android apps. You can get Cozmo for $170.99.

Think & Learn Teach ‘N Tag Movi Robot

A mobile and festive toy robot for the whole family to enjoy, the Think & Learn Teach ‘N Tag Movi Robot currently costs $40.98 instead of $49.99.

WolVol Remote Control Toy Robot

With 10 different actions including walking, dancing and some spin moves, as well as impressive flashing lights, it’s hard not to like the WolVol toy robot.

Chippies Robot Toy Dog

A WooWee product, the Chippies Robot Toy Dog costs just $37.99 at the moment. It comes in black, blue and pink; reacts to petting different each time; and with its remote control, it can do more tricks than any real dog, or at least without needing a treat.

Mini Minions Turbo Dave Toy Robot

A remote control robot, this one spins around and moves quickly across flat surfaces using the remote control. You can get this Minions toy robot for just $15.99 at the moment.

Tin Can Robot

A robot that helps teach the value of recycling, the Tin Can Robot costs just $9.97 at the moment. It’s also customizable.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

One of the more impressive toy robots out there, the Dash Robot responds to the world through its app, which includes coding adventures and projects. It can move, dance, spin, alongside other functions, such as be programmed into a pet or sidekick. You can get the Dash Robot for $129.99 at the moment. You can learn more about its Wonder Pack ($279.99) here.

M.A.X. Robotic Interactive Toy

Another one of the more high-end robotic toys, the M.A.X features A.I. and customizable programming. It has built-in infrared sensors, and is recommended for children the ages of 10 and above. You can the M.A.X robotic interactive toy for just $116.76 at the moment.

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