10 Cult Classic Video Games That Deserve A Sequel

10 Cult Classic Video Games That Deserve A Sequel

The games that TRULY deserve a second go.

Double Fine

Despite a wealth of new ideas in the industry, sequels are something that won’t ever really go out of fashion.

Cult classics are a rare breed nowadays because of how fast the gaming industry is growing – and because the internet makes it even easier for people to share smaller games. Indie titles that would previously have gone under-appreciated – like Cuphead and Undertale – are suddenly receiving a lot more attention for how great they truly are.

This is exactly how it should be.

Unfortunately for many of the games on this list, this sudden lack of cult classics comes a little too late, as many of the following would certainly find sizeable fanbases today. Indeed, they are beloved for a reason, not selling particularly well in their respective time, these under-appreciated gems offered different things that more mainstream offerings could not.

Every single one of these games is deserving of a conclusion to their story; a second chance to show off their gameplay, and a second chance to really connect with new audiences.

Developers take note: These are the games people really want to see more of.

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