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Assassins Creed has finally been released, and surprise, surprise: it sucks. We’ve all experienced this heartache before; a video game movie gets announced, we all get our hopes up, only for the finished product to fall short of our all expectations. The likes of Hitman, Super Mario, Resident Evil and Prince of Persia, the list is endless! However, the future of game-to-movie adaptations is looking bright, if the movies on this list are anything to go by. Let’s take a look at 6 movies that could break this terrible curse!

1. Tomb Raider

A gaming legend. [Credit: Square Enix, Warner Bros.]
A gaming legend. [Credit: Square Enix, Warner Bros.]

First up on our list is the gaming icon, #LaraCroft, who has shaped the #gaming industry ever since her debut in 1996. Since then, she’s experienced a change, becoming more of a badass than a sex symbol This was a great move because the last two Tomb Raider games have been excellent.

I have a lot of hope for this movie, purely because of the wonderful team involved. Alicia Vikander is going to play the main role of Lara Croft, and she’s been fantastic in every role she’s been in lately, so I’ve no doubt she’s going to kick ass. This movie will also star Walton Goggins who played fantastic roles in Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight and Django Unchained- I’m sure he’ll play some sort of bad guy in this movie, it’s just his type!

2. Minecraft

Minecraft's Steve [Credit: Microsoft]
Minecraft’s Steve [Credit: Microsoft]

I have to admit, when I heard Minecraft was getting a film, I thought to myself, “wow, that’s going to suck” — a sentiment I’m sure some of you are sharing right now. But I have since changed my mind. With the addition of Steve Carell, who is one of my favorite actors, I’ve decided to be more open-minded about the project. I’ve also since learned that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney is writing and directing the film, which sounds super exciting, given how funny he is! The stigma around this film reminds me of the time I was skeptical when they announced The Lego Movie, which actually turned out to be one of my favorite animations of 2014!

3. Sly Cooper

It’s been around 2 years since the trailer for Sly Raccoon dropped and totally blew me away. Since seeing this incredibly slick animation for one of my favorite childhood games, I’ve been very eager to get another look at the film, with no joy so far. There’s still no release date for the project, but at least it means they’re taking their time to get the film perfect. Also I’m glad they didn’t bring it out in 2016, because I think it would’ve got muddled with all the other animal animations that came out last year (Sing, Zootopia, Storks). It might be hard for this film to do well in the box office, seeing as 2016’s Ratchet & Clank didn’t perform too well, but I think this movie looks a lot better, so here’s hoping!

4. Uncharted

Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4 [Credit: Naughty Dog]
Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4 [Credit: Naughty Dog]

Uncharted is probably the most talked about #videogame movie at the moment. The announcement of this project has sparked tons of debate online amongst the fans of the franchise, arguing whether or not it should be made. Personally, I feel that this could work fantastically on the big screen, seeing as the games are already like movies anyway! Plus, there are so many casting options to pick for #NathanDrake – the perfect casting of Drake could make this franchise, similar to #IndianaJones. If I had to pick an actor for Nathan Drake, I’d go for Chris Pratt or Bradley Cooper.

5. Bioshock

A console classic. [Credit: 2K Games]
A console classic. [Credit: 2K Games]

Although Bioshock (the movie) has gone through development hell, gaining and losing directors, I still feel that this could turn out to be a very strong movie, especially because the potential they have to make it frightening. The games have always been known to be quite eerie, and that’s perfect for adapting to the silver screen. As of right now, this film still doesn’t have any cast or crew, but we do know that back in 2014, Sony registered a Bioshock movie domain name online, which is positive!

6. Gears of War

Apocalypse inbound [Credit: Microsoft]
Apocalypse inbound [Credit: Microsoft]

For this list, I’ve saved the best for last. The idea of adapting Gears of War for the big screen is one that’s been lingering for years now. The project is being distributed by Universal, the company behind Warcraft, last year but it’s good to see them continue to invest in video game movies despite Warcraft being a flop in America! Gears of War is being produced by Dylan Clarke and Scott Stuber (Ted, Role Models) who should find a perfect team for this movie together.

For those who don’t know Gears of War, this gaming franchise is, in three words, legendary, gruesome and iconic. A movie adaptation of the locust taking on the likes of Dom and Fenix could be insane! The film would have to be R-rated though, because anything less just wouldn’t be Gears of War.

The gang in action [Credit: Microsoft]
The gang in action [Credit: Microsoft]

In an age full of reboots, remakes and prequels, we’ll all have to get used to seeing our favorite games turned to movies, because original content coming out of Hollywood is limited. But my hope is that the studios are learning from their mistakes and are focusing on improving the movies they’re delivering to life-long fans. I genuinely believe that the 6 films on this list could break the curse that has plagued film/gaming fans for years.

I’d love to know what games you guys would like to see on the big screen — let me know in the comments!

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