8 Cancelled Video Game Movies That Would Have Changed Everything

8 Cancelled Video Game Movies That Would Have Changed Everything

It’s a shame Hollywood pressed reset on this bunch.


There will be a lot riding on Alicia Vikander’s shoulders when Tomb Raider plunders its way into cinemas next year with decades of bad video game adaptations behind it.

There are good reasons why movies based on console titles come with a stigma attached and Lara Croft is the latest icon of the medium to try and challenge the world’s preconceptions about such projects.

The road from home computing to the big screen is paved with cowpats. Regardless of whether the film is question is based on a game as simple as Double Dragon, or as sophisticated as World of Warcraft, they always seem to underwhelm for one reason or another, some more spectacularly than others.

Super Mario Bros became the first mainstream blockbuster based on a video game when it arrived in cinemas in 1993, bearing little resemblance to any of the plumber’s platform outings, and it’s been mostly downhill from there, the cheap, schlocky thrills of the Resident Evil sequels notwithstanding.

The video game adaptation is waiting for that one film to come along and finally get it right. That could change everything, and it might have already happened if one of these had actually made it in front of the cameras…

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