Advantages of renting a bouncy castle for children

Let’s start with a definition. What is a bouncy castle? It’s simply a large inflatable castle where children can enter and play inside. There are a variety of different types of bouncy castle designs that come in all shapes, sizes and styles to suit all themes and personalities. Kids will be thrilled at the prospect of bouncing around an exciting new play area, and there are several reasons why a bouncy castle is the ideal choice for any event with children.

Extremely entertaining

Children are obviously easily distracted by something colourful and different, which makes the bouncy castle desirable to all children. When children see others their own age playing on a bouncy castle, they immediately want in on the fun. A bouncy castle also allows them to make the most of their childish sense of fun, and their imaginations will run wild when they see a colourful palace to play inside. Also, all that bouncing and jumping activity isn’t only fun, but it’s beneficial to their health too!

Safety first

Children play with lots of different things, but they aren’t all necessarily safe. For example, when parents take their children out to the playground they usually need to watch over them to ensure they don’t hurt themselves. Children may knock things down and fall onto the hard concrete, or hurt themselves on metal play equipment. Most parents tend to feel more comfortable with their child playing in a bouncy castle than at the park. Bouncy castles are obviously far safer than playing in a normal playground. Even when children do fall and bump within the bouncy castle, the risk of serious injury is minimal. Some larger bouncy castles even come with a fully trained staff member, who’s costs are included in the listed price. If you are unable to source adequate supervision for the duration of a hire, then dependent on our staff availability, we may be able to provide a fully trained staff member to monitor the equipment.


Children change their minds all the time. One minute they’ll want to play on the bouncy castle for hours and hours, the next day they won’t be interested any more. When you hire a bouncy castle for an event, you give your child the opportunity to experience the fun and exhilaration of a bouncy castle, without wasting lots of money on something they may decide they won’t want the next day. A bouncy castle can be hired as and when you need, and for any duration of time, it’s completely flexible. You also don’t have to worry about storage like you would if making a permanent investment – the company takes care of that for you!

Helping to build new friendships

When children experience new things, it helps them build their confidence and gives them social skills. A bouncy castle gives children the perfect environment to have fun and socialise with their peers. Some children can feel apprehensive in certain social situations, which results in them feeling shy and withdrawn, but a bouncy castle provides a relaxed fun area to encourage friendships. Developing these social skills is crucial at a young age- so why not encourage it with a fun bouncy castle.

If you’re interested in hiring a bouncy castle for your next event or your child’s party, then contact us today to discuss your needs. We provide a wide range of bouncy castles, including bouncy castles with slides, bouncy castles in a whole rainbow of colours, and inflatable laser tag. We guarantee you will find something to suit your child’s personality! Get in touch today to see how we can help make a bouncy castle the perfect addition to your child’s day.



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