Why Mortal Kombat Is Still the Definitive Video Game Film

Many modern video game movies suffer from the delusion that they must be “good.” Mortal Kombat didn’t have that problem. Released in 1995, Mortal Kombat followed what some call the unholy trinity of early ‘90s video game adaptations: Super Mario Bros, Double Dragon, andStreet Fighter. The legacy of those films are forever entangled, but it’s not entirely […]

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Video Game Movies Analysis – Why They have Failed and how they Might Succeed – Theory of Objective Video Game Aesthetics

Introduction Twenty years ago, the idea of comic book movies becoming a big thing, let alone becoming universally respected, winning Oscars, and dominating the Western cultural landscape for a decade, would be considered absurd. But then the Lord of the Rings trilogy happened and showed that weird magical fantasy stories could be both well-made and… […]

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The 10 Worst Video Game Movies Ever Made

Bottom of the DK Barrell Where were you on May 28th, 1993? For some, it was just another ordinary day. But for video gamers around the world, they were in for something truly special — or at least they thought they were. That day marked the launch of the Super Mario Bros. movie, a live […]

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PLAY LIFE, LIVE GAMES: Good video game movies are ‘Uncharted’ territory

The video game industry is massive, bringing in more than $109 billion last year. Hollywood, which brought in about $40.6 billion last year, has tried to capitalize on gaming’s popularity by adapting some of the biggest titles to movies. Unfortunately, these movies are almost universally terrible. This year’s “Tomb Raider” movie was probably the best […]

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