9 Video Game Movies That Almost Happened

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE Originally posted at Nerdist It’s no small secret that video game movies have a harder time finding box office success than comic book movies do. It doesn’t help that they’re usually terrible. So much so that I actually made a video about it previously. But with more than 40 video game […]

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5 More Video Game Movies That Absolutely Need to Happen

There’s a reason why so many of the movie we get in theaters – both historically and contemporaneously – are adaptations: stories cherry-picked from different mediums and transplanted into a 90-minute stretch of celluloid.  They’re a fathomless well of potentially great stories from whose depths genuine classics often emerge.  Although people often confuse the idea […]

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The 10 best video game movies of all time

Look into the mind of any true gamer, and you’ll find the psychic scars left by utterly abominable video game movie adaptations. For some of us it started young, with Bob Hoskins murdering Mario for the Super Mario Bros. movie, others were deeply traumatised later on by Uwe Boll.  Luckily things seem to be getting […]

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