Kids receive toy bears made from fallen father’s police uniform

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WCMH) — Teddy bears made from their fallen father’s police uniform are helping two kids have a merrier Christmas.

Washington D.C. Police Officer Barry Eastman’s 5-year-old twins now have something special to remember their father.

In September, Eastman was killed in a crash as he drove home from work when his car crossed the center line and hit a tractor trailer.

On Tuesday, Ofc. Rebecca Werner, who worked with Eastman, gave his 5-year-old twins, Violet and Asher, teddy bears she made using their father’s uniform.

“My kids were so thrilled to receive them,” Jennifer Eastman, Ofc. Eastman’s wife tells WJLA.

The bears, featuring buttons from Barry Eastman’s uniform as eyes, are wearing ties and have patches on their feet.

“My daughter said I can give daddy a hug,” said Jennifer.

The kids have slept with the bears every night since receiving them as early Christmas gifts.

“They love talking about their dad and they’re really proud of him,” Jennifer tells WJLA.

The proud dad may not be around this Christmas, but Jennifer says she’ll be keeping the family traditions in place.

“Going to see Christmas lights in the car, and baking cookies and big breakfast on Christmas morning,” she said.

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