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FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) – If you’re looking for a meaningful holiday gift for someone, Kentucky State Police can help you with that. 

KSP officials say when you buy one of their iconic trooper teddy bears, you’re providing one for a child in need. 

“The KSP Trooper Teddy Bear Program is an agency initiative that was started in 1989 by first lady Martha Wilkinson at that time to provide teddy bears to children in need,” Kentucky State Police Sergeant Josh Lawson told LEX 18. 

Whenever a trooper finds a child in a stressful situation, no matter if it’s a car wreck to a sexual assault case, Sgt. Lawson says they’re given a trooper teddy bear to help calm them. But, those teddy bears can only be given to kids when donations and purchases from the community are collected, so Kentucky State Police can buy more. 

“It’s important to know that none of our bears are bought with any tax dollars. None of our KSP funds go to purchase any bears,” Sgt. Lawson stated. “All the proceeds go in to a bank account that is for Trooper Teddy Bear to purchase more bears next year, and those bears get out to the public who needs them as well as to the children who we may come in contact with in our duties.”

So if you’re looking for something special to help a special cause, Sgt. Lawson says keep the kids in mind. 

“Every child loves a teddy bear. They especially love a teddy bear wearing the campaign hat, wearing the Kentucky State Police seal like the trooper they’re seeing that day, and to help mitigate that stressful situation and to improve any kind of interaction we may have with them.”

If you’re interested in buying a KSP Trooper Teddy Bear for 20 dollars, click on the link here to take you to their website, or you can click here to take you to KSP’s Ebay site. 

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