Nvidia BFGD is a Big Smart TV For Big Dumb Video Games

When it comes to huge and awesome things in video games, you can’t go wrong the BFG, the iconic weapon and naughty acronym from the seminal PC first-person shooter Doom. Technically the Nvidia BFGD, the new monitor revealed at CES 2018, stands for “Big Format Gaming Display.” But when it comes to this huge and awesome 65-inch gaming monitor, the reference is clear.

Although many gamers love to relax and play on expansive televisions, there’s a reason why you go with relatively small monitors when you’re looking for speedy performance and crisp video quality. The Nvidia BFGD looks to combine the benefits of those monitors on a TV-sized screen. Nvidia’s G-Sync tech and impressive a native 120Hz refresh rate aim to keep the image smooth and responsive without tearing or artifacting. The right Nvidia card inside your PC itself should keep input latency low when connected to the monitor.

However, just because the BFGD is the size of a TV doesn’t mean it acts like one. It’s a monitor, so there’s no TV tuner or support for antenna broadcasts. But the built-in Nvidia Shield Android streaming media device does replicate much of that TV functionality. Using the remote, controller, or Google Assistant voice commands BFGD owners can access all the apps available on the Nvidia Shield from games like Crossy Road to media servers like Plex to streaming TV services like Netflix.

The Nvidia BFGD and its giant gaming gawking goodness launches this summer. Again, it’s “Big Format Gaming Display,” even it’s really “Big Effing Gaming Display.”

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