Palin: Politicians ‘Seducing Immigrants with Teddy Bears, Soccer Balls’

Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin said Friday night that Donald Trump’s refusal to back down on immigration, and his ongoing success as a candidate despite his tough stance on that sensitive issue, should inspire people everywhere to rise up and challenge establishment politicians. “Knowing that Trump won on that issue, it should empower you to go ahead and ask the candidates ‘what the heck are you thinking candidates, what are you thinking when you’re going ahead and actually asking for more immigrants, illegal immigrants, welcoming them in, even inducing and seducing immigrants with gift baskets of teddy bears and soccer balls,'” Palin said. “It’s just inviting more. Candidates can say anything they want to about immigration, but actions scream so much louder than a politician’s words,” she said. Palin spoke at the Milwaukee Republican Party Presidential Dinner late Friday, stumping before 750 attendees at the world’s largest fish fry. Palin also railed over trade deals, specifically attacking the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trade Promotion Authority. She praised Trump’s real estate background as a deal maker, explaining he succeeds because he knows the art of the deal, a play on words referring to Trump’s 1987 book. “Where we’re headed with trade, well, it’s going to ultimately fundamentally transform America into something we don’t recognize and our kids and our grandkids … they’ll never know then what it is then to be rewarded for that entrepreneurial spirit that God creates within us in order to work and to produce and to strive and to thrive and to really be alive.” Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Ohio Gov. John Kasich also attended and spoke at the event. —————————————– [1] Anna Giaritelli, Palin: Politicians ‘seducing immigrants with teddy bears, soccer balls’, The Washington Examiner, 4/2/16 1:06 AM   | The Downfall of Western Civilization

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