Santa brought teddy bears to kids spending Christmas in the

FRESNO, Calif. – Santa traded in his sleigh, for two wheels. He and his elves delivered more than 100 teddy bears to some little ones spending their Christmas at Community Regional Medical Center.

A small gesture that brings a lot of cheer to the kids and their parents.

Some of the kids have been in the hospital for three months, for others three days.

Bear Campbell, A.K.A Santa Claus, collects teddy bears all year, through donations as well as purchasing them himself.

He said it’s a small way to brighten up the kids holiday season.

For nearly, 10 years Santa and his Street Royalty Motorcycle Club, elves, have been riding over in style to Community Regional Medical Center, delivering teddy bears to children.

“They’re here at the hospital and not at home and we just want to make them happy,” said Bear Campbell, a respiratory therapist at CRMC.

Campbell said it’s hard to see kids in the hospital this time of year.

“It’s just my way letting them know we care for them, we care about them,” Campbell said. 

Lighting up the hospital halls with Christmas cheer. Santa and his elves made their rounds.

“Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad,” Campbell said to a child. 

For some little ones, it’s their first Christmas experience.

“Look what I’ve got here!” Santa exclaimed.

“Snoopy! Awe, thank you Santa, wow, I like Snoopy, so she will too!” said new mom, Lucy Baker.

Baker said her daughter Quinn was born with sever stomach issues, so a little Christmas spirit at the hospital, helps.

“It’s really cool, especially because you know most moms are just sitting here all day, so it’s special,” Baker said.

Guadalupe Rodriguez, a new mom as well to four-day-old Noel, he was born with breathing issues, agrees.

“It’s something special because I know he’s going to be here, it’s nice for them to have Santa,” Rodriguez said.

However, this may be the last time Campbell delivers teddy bears, he’s retiring in January.

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