The Best Video Game Movies About Raiding Tombs

Video game movie adaptations: they’re everyone’s favorite genre! We recently saw a take on one of the most revolutionary video game characters grace our silver screens, and so, in tribute to this title — a title so recognizable we won’t even mention it here — we thought it appropriate to count down the greatest video game movies about raiding tombs. Hope your favorite made the list!

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Be real: this is the first movie you thought of when you thought about “video game tomb raiding movies”, right? I mean, how could it not be? As you well know, it totally-not-at-all-problematically stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a Persian prince named Dastan who controls the hell out of time, wields the hell out of some daggers, and, yes, raids the hell out of some tombs! Prince Dastan: the most iconic tomb raiding video game character.


Ah, the “cradle of life” — concept explored directly in the video game adaptation known as Warcraft. In the film, orcs regularly rob, steal, plunder, or “raid” living beings of their life essence, effectively placing them in a grave, coffin, mausoleum, or “tomb”. World Of Warcraft? More like, Raiding of Tomb-craft! Yes. “Raiding of Tomb-craft.” That is an accurate and good title.


While Gamer isn’t technically an adaptation of a single video game, where else can you see such a perfect example of Gerard Butler raiding the tomb that is “an audience’s tolerability of Gerard Butler”? What’s that? Every single movie Gerard Butler’s ever been in. Copy that! This! Is! A tomb raider! (Hmm. “Tomb raider.” That’s a funny way to phrase that.)

Super Mario Bros.

What is “parallel universe Brooklyn” if not a giant “tomb”? And what is the act of hopping through the portal to turn Dennis Hopper’s Bowser into primordial soup if not also the act of “raiding”? It’s not hard to see that this video game movie is especially Crofty! Sorry, crafty. Crafty. Not sure where that typo came from.

Tomb Raider

Haven’t heard of this one. Anyone know what it’s about? Doesn’t seem it like it fits.

Brush off those cobwebs and check that treasure for curses: you’re out of the tombs! Which of your favorites did we miss? Drop us a line on Twitter, and let us know if this list inspired you to kick up the old PS1 and play that classic tomb raiding game we all know and love.

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