The pros and cons of making the bouncy castle a surprise

A party is nothing short of amazing when there’s a bouncy castle in the mix. The question is: should you make the inflatable a surprise? Many hosts usually like to keep a little something up their sleeve to make sure that their bash goes down a storm – so why not an inflatable? If you are currently gathering all your friends and family together for a shindig, here are some pros and cons to think about when it comes to keeping the bouncy castle under wraps.


The priceless look on people’s faces

Who can resist the urge to watch their guests’ jaws drop when they see what’s blown up and waiting to be enjoyed? It will be tempting not to be stood there with a camera in hand for when the screams of joy and excitement begin. Those types of memories can really last a lifetime.

It’s simple to pull off

A bouncy castle surprise isn’t hard to pull off. In fact, it’s actually rather simple. The organisation shouldn’t take up too much of your time meaning you’re free to focus on other elements of the gathering such as the food and drink. Some inflatables can even be blown up inside so there’s no need to worry about the weather.

Kids can focus during the week

The prospect of a bouncy castle is sometimes just a little too much for kids to deal with. Parents may find that during the week their young ones are distracted, especially in school when they can’t help but discuss what’s to come with their friends.

It’s a present in itself

The bouncy castle can be written off as a present for someone. Whether it’s a party for child’s birthday, a couple’s engagement or even a treat for hard-working employees, the inflatable can essentially be there to serve as a gift. As everyone knows, presents are always best when there’s an element of surprise to them.


Attendance might not be as high

Let’s be honest, people aren’t going to miss a party where there is a bouncy castle involved. On the other hand, they might skip a bash if they are unaware that there’s a super fun inflatable to be played on. If you want to make sure that your party is brimming with guests, it might be worth letting them know that you’ve pulled out all the stops by arranging for a bouncy castle.

Guests might be dressed incorrectly 

The majority of people merely have to lose their shoes and they are good to go on a bouncy castle. However, for some – especially women wearing skirts – they might want the chance to rethink their attire if they know they’ll be gleefully hopping up and down all afternoon.

Adults might not bring their kids

It would be a shame if adults turned up to the soirée without their kids in tow. This could easily dampen their spirits and ruin their mood as they worry about having to tell their sons and daughters that they have spent the day at a bouncy castle party without them.

It loses the hype

Of course, every host wants their guests to be buzzing about their party on the run up to it. However, you may lose all this fanfare if you don’t let the cat out of the bag regarding the bouncy castle.

Which route will you go down?

You’ll have to weigh up all these pros and cons before making a decision about the bouncy castle at your party. Needless to say, the bash will be fantastic whichever route you go down. To hire a bouncy castle, get in touch with Jumping Jo’s today.



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