Town horrified at shock find of mutilated and decapitated teddy bears

Residents in the South Australian town of Kapunda are on edge after a display of teddy bears was vandalised.

The display has been part of an advertising campaign for the local Kapunda Mechanical Repairs for about 18 months.

But The Advertiser reports that on Wednesday morning, the display of seven bears had been decimated with four gone and the rest extensively damaged with some decapitated.

A decapitated teddy bear head was stuck on the aerial of a Suzuki advertising the mechanics, attached a sinister hand written note was posted.


The note. Source: Alex Boes/ Facebook


The bears, used as an advertising campaign for a local mechanic. Source: Alex Boes/ Facebook

Sinister note left alongside the bears

“If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise,” the note read.

“If you go down to the woods today you had better go in disguise.”

Residents of the town Kapunda, were left confused by the reckless act of vandalism.

“Lots of sad kids in Kapunda. My son loved seeing them,” said one mum.


The aftermath of the vandalism. Picture: Alex Boes / Facebook

Teddies were well known in the town

“They are a bit of an icon in Kapunda, people have come from all over the Barossa to see what they are up to,” Mr Boes told The Advertiser.

“They’ve been fishing at the duck pond. They have been climbing out of the North Kapunda pub running away from a ghost.

“They’ve been locked up for fishing at the duck pond and were in handcuffs in front of the Kapunda police station.

“They’ve been looking for the new supermarket but haven’t been able to find it, so all kinds of stuff.”

Teddies located

Mr Boes was heartened to announce that the four missing teddies did turn up on Thursday.

“Great news” he posted on Facebook.

“During an interview Alex had with ABC Radio early this morning word came in that the Teddies were spotted on Tarlee Rd – A bit shaken and cold but none the worse for their ordeal AND best of all -still in one piece.”

Unfortunately there is still no word on what happened to the other bears.

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