Two-year-old boy comforted after dad’s death with teddy bears made from his police uniform

A two-year-old boy has been given teddy bears made from his dad’s uniform after he died earlier this year.

Blake Synder was a police officer from St Louis, America. Attending a disturbance while on duty, the 33-year-old father was shot and killed on 6th October.

After Blake died, his wife, Elizabeth Synder, has revealed that their two-year-old son Malachi doesn’t yet understand that his daddy won’t be coming home.
Speaking to KTVI she said: ‘Malachi has been asking for his daddy a lot which is hard. I don’t know how to respond to him yet.’

However, to help remember his dad as Malachi gets older, Elizabeth has had his old police uniform turned into two teddy bears.

Sharing a picture of Malachi cuddling both bears on Facebook, Elizabeth said: ‘These beautiful bears were made for us from Blake’s uniforms’.

In an earlier post, the mum opened up about her late husband, saying: ‘My life was forever changed the day I started dating Blake Curtis. His love, kindness, generosity and overall goofy personality won me over before I knew it.

‘The last 6 years of my life spent with him showed me just how deep love can be and just how fast it can be taken away.’

Elizabeth called Blake a ‘perfect’ father, saying: ‘He loved Chi with every fiber of his being and wanted the world for him.

‘These two boys mean everything to me, and I’m thankful I have a bit of Blake still here with me.’

Since sharing the photo of Blake’s new bears, the post has already been reacted to over 33,000 times on Facebook, with over 1,400 supportive comments.

One Facebook user said: ‘What wonderful idea. So sorry for the lost of your Dear loving husband and father. I will remember your family in my prayers.Elizabeth.’

Another said: ‘I’m so sorry for your loss. This is a darling way to have your son remember your husband. Your husband is a hero in my eyes. I believe all first responders are special kinds of people. Bless you and your family!’

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