— Tanya Turner (@Tanya_turner18) February 11, 2018

is anyone going to talk about how the olympic athletes are getting teddy bears instead of medals

— the fake slim shady (@j111201) February 11, 2018

Sorry were the olympic medalists just awarded teddy bears

— Sara Noble (@sarnobes) February 11, 2018

did…. did anyone else see the mens snowboarding winners get little teddy bears instead of medals…

— im eman (@h0ejabi) February 11, 2018

So, what’s the deal with the ‘bears’? 

The official website for the Olympics explains it all. Turns out it’s a replacement for the flowers that are traditionally handed out.

And what looked like a ‘teddy bear’ is actually a doll of the PyeongChang games mascot Soohorang…who is a white tiger…not even a bear! 

During the Rio games organizers also scrapped traditional flowers instead handing out small sculptures of the Rio Olympics logo.

According to the Olympics website, each medalist will also be getting a wooden gift that shows “mountain scenes of PyeongChang and characters from the Korean Hangul alphabet spelling out “PyeongChang 2018” in the official Games motif.”

It further explains that medal winners are recognized at the venue right after the competitions with a victory ceremony, and then again at the PyeongChang Medal Plaza in the evening. So Red Gerard, and the other snowboard medalists will still get their medals, just later on in the day.